Be grateful to the apple tree whose fruits are feeding.

Savour is a sensation.

It is to be experienced but described. We invite you to come dine with us at Embers and taste the sensory relish.



Traditionally an agricultural society,
in Taiwan hoe is a symbol of hard work.
Toward those who take up the implement,
we express our gratitude for the rice harvested.
Here we appreciate Embers team,
our dedicated suppliers, supporting friends, family, and you, our dear guests.
We wish you the very best time at Embers.



Gather the twigs and branches of a tree,

water its roots and take care of it.

We seek for origins and forms in nature,

in those, we learn the way nature sustains itself.

Trees bring the sense of solidity to a space.

While the steam-bent wood embodies the scenery of forests,

its making process corresponds to ways of preparing ingredients in the kitchens.

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